Our Products

At DEFY AEROSPACE, each of our drone concept and design is backed-up by thorough research about the industry and need of the hour. The analytics helps us to develop products that are equipped to cater to the needs of both civil and defence operations.


BIRDY-FW is designed to aid our vision of making quality services accessible across all corners of our nation. We firmly believe in putting our technology for the betterment of of our citizens.


HONEY is our stand alone frame that is manufactured to incorporate individualism and character to your build. This 7-inch drone frame is designed to be durable, withstand crashes with minimum damage


SOLFOX is a modular Quad copter that offers complete end-to-end drone inspection, surveillance and logistics solutions to help the community and defence forces.


SOLFOX mini is a compact but powerful quadcopter that is designed to appeal to both working professionals and adventurous consumers.

This is our smallest, lightest, easy-go-fly and most portable drone.