Services & Solutions

Defy Aerospace believes in providing its customers fine tuned services that cater to their specific needs. Hence every suit of services is designed after understanding customer requirement in detail.

We are proficient in aerial inspection, surveillance and logistics solutions.

Be it a short or long range mission, for civil or defence purpose, we have a drone and the perfect package of services right here for you!


With Defy’s drone technology, we are capable of taking drone freight services to new heights and meeting emergency needs in healthcare services across both civil and defence sectors.

Site management

With our best-in-class UAVs that create high-quality data at low prices, you can easily track and monitor site development, manage labour and material movement, and generate incontrovertible audit reports for all stakeholders.


With our durable industrial UAVs, inspect big industrial assets, difficult-to-reach locations, and dangerous zones in industries such as power production, transmission and distribution, oil and gas, solar energy, and logistics, to mention a few.

Security and Surveillance

With our high-performance drones that excel at intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance tasks, you can gain critical on-the-ground situational awareness in defence and homeland security.