About Defy Aerospace

Defy is an R&D, manufacturing and operations company introducing State-of-the-art drone technology as its first suite of products that is rooted in the idea of protecting human lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and manufacture next generation of sustainable aviation technologies which will aim to defy all odds in the valiant move towards protecting the lonely planet and its inhabitants.

Our Vision

At Defy Aerospace, we work passionately towards the common vision of fearless inventions in aviation technology that brings us to the utopia in which where you live should not decide whether you live.


Founder & CEO

With virtually limitless applications of a drone product, the inherent need to help people in areas that have limited access to emergency logistics supply seemed like an instinctively driven area to probe further into.

At Defy, we believe in becoming the companion of change and embracing the truth that the welfare of the world and it's living species lie in sustainable technology that assists than disrupts.